Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Poem - A Lonely Longing

Watched the drama roller coaster that is P.S. I Love You and was inspired to write this, though it doesn't relate to the movie at all. It stems from the movie leaving me with a strong desire to hold my fiancee, who's far away in another country for a year.

A Lonely Longing

I need you baby
     as much as grass needs the sun,
     as people need hopes and dreams,
     as dreams need passion,
     and as passion needs love.
Without you, I'm not whole,
     as a man without legs,
     or a bird without wings,
     as shelter without a roof,
     and as a roof without support.
I yearn to hold you in my arms,
     to turn my mornings into your warmth,
     my nights into your caress,
     my days into your smile,
     and your smile into my home.
Just a little wait longer baby,
     and I'll give you my love,
     I'll then be your support,
     I'll provide your home and shelter,
     we'll make us whole.



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