Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Expedia is an Underhanded Dirty Enterprise

I've used Expedia many times before and generally it is a fast and easy way to find some of the lowest prices for airline tickets (of course these are usually the worst seats as well). I had saved my flight itinerary over night to check on my plans and came back to buy the tickets. The itinerary saved without a problem and the price was the same. I go to buy the tickets....everything is still good. I put in my billing info and credit card number and hit the purchase button and Expedia screws me. First, I'm using Microsoft passport to log in and passport just randomly gets logged out, taking me to the log in screen at Expedia. I can't remember my username password, so I log back into my hotmail account and reload the previous page. Expedia has now wonderfully jacked up the cost of my flight by $80. Stupid jerks. There's no reason for the price increase except their money scamming time sensitive cookies. Yeah, you got my money this time Expedia, but next time I take my business to Travelocity. Screw You!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ghetto Redneck Scenery

I was driving to Tampa this past weekend and came across this scene on the side of the Interstate 4, between Orlando and Tampa. I'm not sure what a bunch of buried RV's and mobile homes is supposed to represent or advertise, but there it is. What really disturbs me is this was something intentionally planned and probably cost a pretty penny to set up. Who in their right mind decides one day, "Hey, I'm going to bury a bunch of old RV's as a landmark." Perhaps this little sight will make it to the Off-beat tourist attractions site.

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