Wednesday, December 19, 2007

This kid might have been me...

I found this youtube video of 2 kids, brother and sister, who go absolutely ecstatic over a Nintendo 64. While the kid may not have been as excited over a remote controlled car, I think back to the times when I got ecstatic over a pair of socks (no joke, it's on video). I was easy to please, and I still am. I don't know about you, but my response to a remote controlled car wouldn't have been, "Oh, it's a remote controlled car....thank you Santa." Enjoy this short video.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Meilin - Innocent Girl: Good Song

I found this cool PV today (PV = Premiere Video as advertisement for singles and albums in Japan). The translation reminds me of something that would play on the Disney channel, but ignore what the words mean and it sounds pretty cool. Check it out.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

New Entry for World's Top 100 Most Stupid People

I have to share this because it was probably one of the most stupid but most funny things I have ever witnessed. On Sunday nights (technically Monday morning), I hang out with a group of friends after dancing at a local IHOP. Last night we were there especially late and I was saying my goodbyes to the last person left when two women blaring some Hip-Hop music drive by and stop in front of the two of us in the parking lot. They are roudy and shout at us to get our groove on. I wouldn't have been surprised if these ladies were drunk and high. Before I get to the funny part, you need to realize that this is a very nice and new car of which I can't remember the make and model, but it was silver with custom rims. The ladies were also dressed very fancy and looked like they were coming from a club. Moving on....

These two loud ladies only hang by us for about 10 seconds before they race off towards a nearby parking spot and decide it would be randomly fun to drive over the curb (actually, a sidewalk). The first thing I hear is a loud scraping of the car, a fit of laughter, and a shout of "what the fuck you doin'?". The car pauses with its front tires on the sidewalk, then the driver decides to drive across the sidewalk since there's parking on both sides of it. So, the front tires go off the other end of the sidewalk and now these two ladies realize that this is not a good position for their car because the sidewalk is a little more narrow than the width between the front and back tires.....i.e. they are now stuck on the sidewalk with their front tires off one side, their back tires off the other, the bottom of the car now completely resting on the sidewalk itself, and neither the front nor the back tires have any traction to move the car at all. It doesn't end there, these two loudly get out of the car and start yelling at each other as if this disaster came out of nowhere then yell at my friend and I to help. Being the nice guy I am, I try to help move the car both backwards and then forwards, but the car is seriously stuck and I'm pretty sure their either going to need enough people to lift 1500 pounds of car, or a tow truck. So I tell them sorry and that they probably will need a tow truck. Frankly, I was doing everything in my power not to laugh in their face and secretly hoped they would have to call a tow truck for this error of theirs. The thing more funny than getting the car stuck was just the attitude of these girls, the loudness of their shouting, and the fact they were trying to be all cool by having the nice car, the nice looks, the loud music, and the power to do whatever they felt like. If they hadn't been so obnoxious, the situation probably would still have been funny, but not quite as much.

I have no idea how or if they got their car off the sidewalk as we left pretty quickly after that so they would stop yelling at us to help them.

Wish I had gotten this on camera. It's probably not half as funny as seeing the whole incident in person.


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Be Weary of Deals that Sound Too Good

As you might know, I'm preparing to move. Upon conducting tours of several apartment complexes looking for my new home to jump start my future professional career in, I was given the following deal: The apartment complex was nothing special on the outside, but it was very close to the beach, had a very large 1 bedroom layout, lots of closet space, and a nice enough pool. I was offered the place at a discounted price, with free extended standard cable, free water, weekly pest control, free trash pick-up, a free first month of rent, and a discounted security deposit, and the move-in date I wanted. It all sounded great, and even though this was the last apartment complex I planned on touring before making my decision, I somehow resisted the urge of taking the deal right then and there.

Instead of taking the deal, I took care of turning in some new paperwork at my new work and had a brief chat with the security officer in charge of handling my paperwork. Having lived in the area for a long time and having a son who has rented apartments in several places in the area, she had some useful advice. She strongly opposed to me living there for the following reasons: The place apparently has a huge drug and crime problem. Vehicle vandalism is common, there has been several drive by shootings, and recently there had been someone murdered outside their own car. The deal given to me most likely was a desperate attempt at bringing in new customers that knew nothing of the crime problems running rampant in the area of the complex.

Lesson here? When moving to an unfamiliar city, always consult someone who knows the area or the local police to ensure the place your moving to will be a good environment, and be wary of deals that sound too good to be true. I did find a new residence, and while it will cost a lot more than this deal was, the area is gorgeous and has a good reputation.


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

First Post

I'm going to try this whole blog idea out. I've never been very good about blogs, but heck...I like to have a place to put thoughts I'd like feedback on, a place to share the happenings of my life to the people I want, and a place to share interesting things that I find. If you don't find the content here interesting or worthwhile, then simply move on. If you might be interested, then subscribe to the RSS feed