Sunday, February 22, 2009

Let's Break Some Monotony with Some Origami

So I realize I haven't written a post in a while, so I figured I'd post some photos of a few of my more recent origami creations. Unfortunately, I only recently decided to start taking photos of my work. More unfortunate is the fact that my camera is terrible for taking close up photos. Thus, the pictures won't quite give the work the full justice they deserve, but more credit should go to the original creators of the models anyway.

My recent obsession has been working some models by John Montroll and Robert Lang from some new books I've received (Origami Sea Life and Origami Sculptures). Now, the dolphin is definitely a model that could benefit from wet-folding, but I have yet to really delve into the tediousness that is wet-folding. Thus, I am still enjoying folding models from good-ole origami paper. Here are a few photos of my latest and greatest.

Sailfish folded with foil paper from Origami Sea Life

Dolphin folded with origami paper from Origami Sea Life

Husky folded with origami paper from Origami Sculptures

Now the dolphin I folded tonight. Somehow, my folds weren't quite precise enough and I ended up with a dorsal fin that didn't line up with the apex of the body, but oh well. The sail fish I folded over New Years in Oregon with foil paper and the sail is tricky (thus why it looks a little goofy). The Husky's body proportions need a little improvement but it still vaguely looks like a husky because of the tail (Husky was a gift to my grandmother). I would have loved to snap a photo of the Santa Claus model (a wonderful complex model by Steven Casey that can be found online here) I had to attempt 3 times till I successfully folded it, but that was given away as a gift as well.

So whether or not anyone cares about my dabbling in origami or not, there you go.

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