Thursday, December 9, 2010

Goodbye Elbryanland....

As some of the readers of this blog might know, I've had a website up since 2001 named Elbryanland that contained all sorts of random assorted passions such as art, poetry, and photos.  As of last night, this site has been accidentally deleted by me.  The servers didn't die, I wasn't hacked, nor did I fail to pay to renew the domain. In the end, the site died by the fell swoop of an accidental asterisk typed by my own hands.

Since the site hasn't really been touched in over two years, you might think "oh, no big deal."  While it's not a "big" deal, it does have some consequences. Elbryanland servers originally hosted this blog until Google stopped supporting hosting via ftp.  The blog was migrated to Google servers which is why everything is still here except the pictures.  The pictures were hosted on an image server on Elbryanland and when the site was deleted, so too were the pictures.  Since the site was old and is hosted by a friend of mine, backups were not being maintained by me or my web host. It's undetermined at this time whether or not any of the data will be recovered but I am going to assume the worst.

Oh well. I doubt anyone will miss such a poorly maintained and outdated site that was long lost to the inevitability of irrelevance. So long Elbryanland, we had a good run but it is time to bid thee farewell.

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